We are a Brazilian tech company founded by Stanford alumni based in Rio de Janeiro. Our unique expertise on geostatistiscal learning and artificial intelligence with geospatial data has driven various technological innovations in mining, petroleum and other industries


The word “arpeggio” comes from the Italian word “arpeggiare”, which means to play on a harp. Our founder and CEO was a musician before becoming a geostatistician, thus the name Arpeggeo®




Dr. Hoffimann received his Ph.D. in geostatistics from Stanford in 2018. He joined IBM as a research scientist for a couple of years, and moved back to academia for a postdoc of excellence in industrial mathematics at IMPA (2021-2022). He founded Arpeggeo® to address technological challenges raised by industry partners with a dedicated team of geoscientists, engineers and software developers. His leadership in geosciences and applied mathematics is recognized worldwide with various awards received along his career, including the 2018 Syvitski Modeler Award and the 2021 Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics Award

His personal website has more information about his work and trajectory



“Um dos maiores especialistas brasileiros em geoestatística. Júlio é o responsável pelo GeoStats.jl, uma plataforma que correspode ao estado-da-arte em termos de métodos e desempenho. Tudo open source!”
— Alexandre Emerick (Technical Advisor at Petrobras)



“Alta qualificação técnica, capacidade de liderança e comunicação assertiva. Sempre atento à qualidade dos produtos sem perder de vista o cronograma, pontos fundamentais em parcerias com a indústria”
— Elisabeth Fonseca (Senior Geologist at Vale)


“Júlio contributed very important breakthroughs in our artificial intelligence project. His attitude and focus on research helped us deliver results and receive an award at our company!”
— Zoya Bochkova (Research Manager at Gazprom Neft)



“With deep skills in geostatistics, machine learning and related areas, Júlio creates state-of-the-art methodologies and tools capable of solving real problems that matter to industries. Working with Júlio was a personal landmark for me. He is resilient, enthusiastic, always willing to help, and able to challenge the status quo. Júlio is a technical expert who has the vision and skills to help clients overcome challenges and accelerate innovation.”
— Maciel Zortea (Research Scientist at IBM)