Advancing machine learning in geosciences

At Arpeggeo® we believe that geostatistical knowledge is key to advance machine learning technology in industries that manage geospatial resources (e.g., mining, energy, agriculture)

We help

All through research and development of custom high-performance solutions powered by Julia

Our mission

Deliver state-of-the-art geostatistical learning technology and consulting services to address geospatial challenges across various industries:



The performance and generality of our technology is unmatched, with innovative components that are not available anywhere else in the market. The following talk by our CEO illustrates what is possible:

GeoStats.jl Meshes.jl

TableTransforms.jl ExtremeStats.jl CoDa.jl

The work has won the 2021 Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics Award and is at the core of our custom solutions. Our technology is used by geoscientists and decision makers at

Petrobras Vale


Stanford UFMG