A fresh approach to problem solving

Solving large-scale industrial problems with geospatial data is not easy. Our careful choice of high-performance technologies can save precious time and give your business a competitive advantage

At Arpeggeo® we follow two simple principles to promote innovation and real technology adoption

  1. Focus on specific workflows instead of general (and often heavy) software
  2. Develop solutions together with customers instead of for customers

Cloud-hosted workflows

A simple login and password to start seeing results!

Our high-performance workflows run on powerful computers on the cloud (or on premises) while you and your team analyse the results together on any web browser at your office or mobile device

  • No software installation required
  • Fully reproducible results anywhere
  • No maintenance costs with workstations

This is possible due to advances in scientific computing and our open-source geostatistical software. To illustrate the concept, consider watching the following educational workflow:

the following demonstration of our geodata science platform:

and of one of our commercial workflows:

Peer-to-peer consulting

Our consulting services are delivered in a peer-to-peer format where our team and the customer’s exchange expertise on weekly or monthly meetings during the development of custom workflows

  • Less chance of missing targets
  • Maximum technology adoption

Our CEO has experience coordinating large industrial projects with multidisciplinary teams in academic settings and has set a vision for the company based on multidisciplinary exchange

Contact us for more information and be part of our innovation story